ghazal jafari is a Perso-Azeri scholar, designer, and weaver, living in voluntary exile in the United States.  she is professionally trained as an architect and urban ecologist.  her work intersects environmental justice, landscape histories, feminist liberation, narratives of migration, and non-Western geospatial discourses. her practice converges counter-representations, ecologies, and material research empowered by multimedia approach to story-telling, translations, and transliterations. Ghazal is a founding co-director of OPEN SYSTEMS / Landscape Infrastructure Lab, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to opening knowledge of complex ecological challenges and raising awareness about geopolitical conflicts at the intersection of spatial equity, climate justice, and community self-determination. Ghazal is an Assistant Professor of Urban & Environmental Planning at University of Virginia.

Made on traditional lands of the Monacan Indian Nation (1676 Middle Plantation Treaty)
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